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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: [Axis2]SOAP 1.2 Testing Framework
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 04:26:24 GMT
Hi Anushka and all,

See my comments below.

On 7/14/05, Anushka Kumar <> wrote:
> Hi All,
>  We are implementing SOAP1.2 testing framework for Axis 2. (SOAP Version 1.2
> Specification Assertions and Test Collection).
>  We have already tested the current Axis 2 with the above test collection. 
> ------------------Failed
> tests--------------------------------------------------------------
>  Following tests were failed because Axis 2 not yet supporting Soap
> Intermediaries.
>  T6, T7, T8, T9, T18, T38, T62, T79
>  Following tests failed .read the description.
>  T12, T13, T14, T16, T17, T18, T21, T35, T36 
>  -Description
>  Here what we do is, we used an inflow handler and extracted the header and
> then process them. Then we add these header blocks to the operation context
> as a property, and at the out flow, we used another outflow handler to
> extract that operation context property and add them to the soap header. 
>  For the normal operation its working properly. But when an exception is
> thrown, we can't do the above procedure, because there is no out fault flow.
> so we can't use out flow handlers there to add the headers.

Yes, current fault handling doesn't involve proper fault handling. I
think we have to decide on this. Current handleFault method will find
a person to send the fault message and sends it, without invoking any

I put a "hack" earlier, so that the one who is throwing an exception
can create Code, Reason, Node, Role and Detail and put them to the
message context. I extract them from the mc, within the handlefault
and attach them to the sending fault soap message.

Can I do the same thing for headers as well. I strongly think that
this is a hack :(

>  Following Tests were failed because Axis 2 is not supporting Encoding yet.
>  T27, T28, T41 – T61, T72, T73, T76, T77, T80
>  Following tests were also failed
>  Test ID Description
>  T23     MustUnderstand Attribute has "Wrong" value. But Axis get it as
> "False" Value 

This has been corrected sometime back. If there is a wrong value in
the mustUnderstand field you will get a SOAPProcessingException.

>  T24     soap envelope namespace uri is incorrect.

The exception will be thrown by the builder. But the question is who
will get the error ?

>  T25     Has DTD. Should send a fault, but axis 2 ignore it.

I think builder will throw an exception. Check on this.

>  T26     Has style sheet
>  T32     header block value should be inserted to body

Can you elaborate a bit :(

>  T33     sends an RPC message with a procedure it cannot find. 
>  T39     MustUnderstand Attribute has "9" as the value. But Axis get it as
> "False" Value

Same as the above comment.

>  T63     sends a message with the header test:validateCountryCode



>  T64     sends a message with non-empty [notation] property.-- <!NOTATION
> application_xml SYSTEM '                  
> notes/iana/assignments/media-types/application/xml'>
> T65     sends a message with non-empty [unparsed entity] property 
>  T67     sends a message with [standalone] property as 'true'
>  T69     sends message without body
>  T70     sends message with an element after the body element
>  T71     sends message with non namespace qualified attribute in envelope
> element 
>  Rest of the tests were passed.
>  Regards :
>  Chinthaka Thilakarathna
>  Anushka Kumar
>  Darshana Dias
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