Hi Ashu,
Yep, WS-Metadata is certainly on our wish list :). We are actually thinking of a WS-Policy integration and WS-Metadata is certainly required for a complete WS-policy integration.
Again we are very much looking forward for the upcoming java annotations. perhaps we can do something like what the .net guys are doing. Annotate the method with the necessary parameters and Axis autogenerates the service !

On 7/29/05, Shahi, Ashutosh <Ashutosh.Shahi@ca.com> wrote:
Shouldn't WebServices Metadata (JSR-181) be one of our wish lists as
well (1.0 onwards ofcourse)? As JSE and JEE 5.0 become more popular, it
should be common and preferred method of deploying web services. JAX-WS
also uses webservices metadata.


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