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From Christoph Langguth <>
Subject Re: [Axis2]New Feature - Sending same message to more than One Recepcient
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 17:12:12 GMT
Srinath Perera schrieb:
> Hi All;
> Shall we add a support to users to send same message to more than one
> recipients?
> Motivate for the doing this is if we need to send same message to 20
> recipients, (e.g. Publish Subscribe) . If user create 20 Calls it will
> be very expensive and  if we do the thingy inside Axis2 we can set the
> OM caching true and reuse at least part of the Message to multiple
> invocations.
> I do not feel this should be done at the transport sender level (e.g.
> We need different addressing properties). I feel we should have
> different Pipe for each while sharing the same SOAP Body. I think
> about something like MultiOutClient (or PublisherClient .. I am not
> sure ) add to Client API
> I am thinking aloud :), this could actually get very complex
> thoughts?

Hi all,

while I'm neither an Axis2 developer nor really into the architectural 
or implementation details, I would love to have such a feature; I have 
actually been looking for exactly this a few weeks ago, ending up with 
no viable solution.

So, a very strong YES from my side :-)


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