Deepal ,
Good idea .., persistance is needed for sure.
any one can implement that the way he wants - will be nice to have
(save in a DB) can be achived if we have hibernate support .
Axis2 give file system based saving mechanism - itcould be better if we have xml file based storage , u can load it in xmlbeans.since its xml we might follow the same structure for hibernate also , then it could be like a switch ( persistance = db / filesystem )
does it make sense ?

Deepal Jayasinghe <> wrote:
Hi all;
At the run time we can engage module and change parameters , but if we restart Axis2 those changes will be disappeared. So my idea is we need to store them some where and at the time of system get startup we need to apply those changes back to the system.
In axis2 we give an interface and any one can implement that the way he wants (save in a DB) and Axis2 give file system based saving mechanism .
The interface will look like below;
public interface ConfigSerializer {
void serialize(AxisConfiguration axisConfig);
void deserialize(AxisConfiguration axisConfig);
How do we configure the implementation class ?
We can add following tag in axis2.xml (optional tag)
<configSerializer class="org.apache.axis2.FileBasedConfigSerializer">
<parameter name="foo" locked="false">abc</parameter>
In additio n to that we have implemented to serialize Context hierarchy (its already there
in code), So my idea is if we have both saving mechanism (context and descriptions) we can give hibernate behavior into axis2 :)
Comments ........

~Future is Open~

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