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From Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Configuration hierarchy no longer extends the WSDLComponents !
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 13:21:10 GMT
Hi Chathura!

> I was just observing that we no longer extend our Configuration (or
> Axis* , AxisOperation, etc) from the relevant WSDL component.
> eg AxisOperation (use to) extends WSDLOperation.
> I thought that was a nice thing to do because our WOM builder has the
> flexibility of building objects out of factory. That is you can ask
> the WOM builder to build a AxisOperation object rather than a
> WSDLOperation by registering a (AxisDescWSDLComponentFactory). IMO it
> is a cleaner way to build the configuration objects rather than
> keeping the object inside and delegating ALL the methods which it does
> right now.
> Is there any good reason why we did this change?

Sure :) ... how about because it was *never* used as the relevant WSDL
component? Other than that, there's a mismatch too .. we currently tag
AxisService as implementing WSDLService. But that's not really true - an
AxisService represents the entire service, not just the <service>
element. OTOH AxisOperation may have info that may have come from both
portType/operation and binding/operation .. so its not a perfect match,

Also, we created WOM as a start towards a WSDL2 component model.
Unfortunately Woden didn't take over and use that stuff .. so right now
WOM works as a WSDL representation which is independent of WSDL 1.1 and
WSDL 2.0. We could in theory remove WOM IMO but it'll require a huge
amount of work because even the codegen stuff uses it heavily. So I'm
not for doing that work now .. its a potential refactoring that could be
considered after Woden ships and we really have 2 true WSDL models
available to deal with.

What are the arguments for keeping it?


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