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From Chathura Herath <>
Subject [Axis2] Fixing Memory leaks in COntext hierarchy.
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2005 06:40:21 GMT
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From: Chathura Herath <>
Date: Dec 10, 2005 1:39 AM
Subject: {Axis2} Fixing Memory leaks in COntext hierarchy.

This is regarding the Garbage collection in the Context hierarchy.
As at now when a MEP is finished we remove all references to the
OperationContext such that the Object tree with OperationCOntext, and
its MessageContexts would get garbage  collected. But ServiceContext
and the ServiceGroupContext still remains. This one of the memory
leaks that we should eventually fix.
What i propose is that we keep a boolean (two)flag just to say that
whether the ServiceCOntext and ServiceGroupContext are being shared
beyond the a single OPerationCOntext. So far we have no mechanism to
extend this, i believe, so for the time being it ll always be true.
When we finish the MEP and remove references to OperationCOntext so
that it would get garbage collected, we can remove references to
ServiceContext and ServiceGroupCOntext too, depending on the boolean
Once the actual ServiceCOntext sharing is implemented we may have to
think of a timeout mechanism. But the thing i have said so far would
still work and useful even in that time.
If people can agree to this, I can volunteer to do the implementation
after next Wednesday
Chathura Herath

Chathura Herath

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