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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject [Axis2]Inconsistat Information Hirachy method names and signatures
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 23:20:06 GMT
1) What does this method do? I am sure it is checked in by a mistake !!
public ServiceContext u(MessageContext msgContext) ;

2) I think the signature of the  getServiceGroupContext() is not
consistent with the our usual rumes to get the Operation contexts ect

1) In AxisServiceGroup

2) In AxisOperation -
  public ServiceContext u(MessageContext msgContext) {

3) In the AxisOperation
a) findOperationContext(MessageContext msgContext, ServiceContext
b) registerOperationContext(MessageContext msgContext,
OperationContext operationContext)
c) public OperationContext
findForExistingOperationContext(MessageContext msgContext) throws

I remember We had a consistent hierarchy and way to search for the
things with method signatures matching to each other. Either I miss
something or something terribly gone wrong. And I think in 3 b) and c)
they do almost same thing

If we can discuss and finalize what to do I like to opt to fix this in
the inter semester break (two weeks from now). (If some one can not do
it earlier).


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