Hi All,

We are proud to announce the release of Apache Sandesha2 version 0.9. You can download this release from    

(If the distribution is not yet available in the main mirrors please use the backup sites.)

This version of Sandesha2 should be used with the Axis2 version 0.93 which was released recently.

Major Features of this release.
1. Support for WS-ReliableMessaging in both client side and server side of Axis2.  (according the the    WS-ReliableMessaging specification February 2005).
2. Plugable storage framework which currently have an in memory implementation but could be easily extended to    provide permanent storage based reliability in the future.
3. Configurable delivery assurances.In-order exactly once delivery assurance is guaranteed. Users can also instruct the    system to stop odering (this will give a higher performance).
4. Mechanisms to support WS-ReliableMessaging policy assertions in both server side and the client side.
5. Support for both SOAP 1.1 and 1.2.
6. Test cases
7. A project website was added http://ws.apache.org/sandesha/sandesha2/
8. Documentation

Features yet to do.
Permanent storage based reliability.
Completing interop testing

Thank you,
Apache Sandesha2 Team