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From "" <>
Subject Re: GCJ
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 08:17:41 GMT
I don't know ... I tryed to run a test client I developed using eclipse with axis (pretty easy).
It worked over Sun's stuf but when it came 
to compile it with GCJ I started to find problems regarding the javax.activation package,
which isn't included in gcjlib/classpath project 
and, also, refers to awt (incomplete in gcjlib/classpath).
Ok, I'm new to axis but, what's the point in using Sun's javax.activation??
Dims, as I'm new to axis (and web services) I don't think I can help much with this issue
although I may give it a try.


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I don't know about GCJ and the server functionality specifically, but the client code works
nicely with GNU Classpath 0.19 
(tested under IKVM).&nbsp; I would suspect that most of Axis would work nicely as well.<br><br>I
wouldn't recommend it without some fairly 
thorough testing, but the technology there is maturing quite rapidly.
<br><br>-- <br>Jess<br><a href=""
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Dims,<br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; I would not recommend using 
gcj? Since there is no support for it, and it is not perfect!
<br><br>Thanks,<br>Parikh, Pratik | Software Engineer | Cerner Corporation
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</a>; <a href="mailto:"></a><br>Subject: Re: GCJ<br><br>Not
yet. Can you please help us do it?<br><br>thanks,
<br>dims<br><br>On 1/10/06, <a href="">
</a> <<a href=""
></a>> wrote:<br>> Hi there!<br>><br>>
Are there any initiatives to port axis to gcjlib? Did someone manage<br>> to 
compile axis with gcj? And, if so, where can I find these libs?
<br>><br>> Thanks in advance<br>><br>><br>> Prueba
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