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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject [Axis2] [VOTE] Axis2 Packaging Proposal
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 08:06:40 GMT
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Hi all,

This is a proposal for packaging Axis2 distros, which may be effective
from the next release

Axis2-version.jar will contain the code from

    * common
    * xml
    * core
    * adb
    * wsdl

So whenever axis2-version.jar is mentioned, that means the above. The
motivation for including adb is that its the default and built-in data
binding for Axis2. The selection was to make sure this contains the
minimal things that one needs to embed Axis2 in their own apps
(Synapse for example). Its like the Axis2 runtime.

We will be releasing following artifacts with each and every release.

1. Axis2 Minimal Release - Both bin and src
   The bin distro will contain
          - lib
              - axis2-version.jar
              - 3rd party distributable jars
          - readme.txt and releasenotes.html

2. Axis2 Standard Release - Both bin and src

   1.all the content of the minimal distribution
   2. Content of maven modules -  codegen,webapp (please see notes
below), DOOM
   3. Samples (both source and aar/mar files)
   4. addressing mar (module archive)

   Please note that the only module we gonna ship with Axis2 is
addressing, as its tighlty bound to Axis2. All the other modules like
security will be downloadable via the module release page (see below #6)

3. War Distribution

    * all the content of the minimal distribution
    * Admin web app

4. Docs distribution

    * all the docs
    * java docs

5. Plugins

    * IDEA and Eclipse plugins

6. Module Release

    * We will have a modules release page containing following

    || Module name || version || compatible Axis version || comments ||

Notes :

    * Documents itself will be released separately and these docs will
      be available in Axis2 site. The site will contain all the docs
      related to all the releases (see apache httpd site. Samething
      was done there)
    * Make webapps into a seperate maven module (to include the admin
      web apps). This module will be included in the standard
      distribution as well.

Here is my +1 for the above proposal.

- -- Chinthaka

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