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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] svn commit: r365380 - in /webservices/axis2/trunk/java/modules: core/src/org/apache/axis2/client/ doom/src/org/apache/axis2/om/impl/dom/ doom/src/org/apache/axis2/soap/impl/dom/ doom/src/org/apache/axis2/soap/impl/dom/soap11/ doom/src/org/apache/axis2/...
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 02:14:42 GMT wrote:

>Author: dims
>Date: Mon Jan  2 09:10:33 2006
>New Revision: 365380
>Patch from Azeez for doom
>Here is a patch for handling SOAP 1.1 Fault Actors and SOAP 1.2 Fault
>Roles properly in DOOM.
>Earlier org.apache.axis2.soap.impl.dom.SOAPFaultRoleImpl which was
>being extended by SOAP11FaultRoleImpl & SOAP12FaultRoleImpl, was using
>"Role" as the localName, which was causing SOAP1.1 Fault Roles not to
>be handles properly.
>Afkham Azeez
>    webservices/axis2/trunk/java/modules/saaj/test-resources/Echo.aar
Do you think its a good idea to put .aar files in to the test-resources
file ? I know its easier, but see this as if u've put a .class file. I
think its better if you can put a pre-goal to create this aar file when
you run maven. This is safer since code may change overtime.
Is there is a good reason to keep this as an aar file itself ?

-- Chinthaka

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