Hi Guys,,

 I really need some help to figure out the following, and answers are greatly appreciated. These questions are based on discussions I had with Sanjiva regarding clustering.  I will also start a different thread to discuss these points to get more input. Some of the questions will be very trivial, so pardon my ignorance.

 I really need the info for a prototype I am trying to implement. I can do it the hard way by going through all the code or take the easy route by simply picking your brain. I hope u guys want mind that.

 1) If a service is deployed as Session Scope what is involved in terms of maintaining the session?
 Some pointers to the code and a general description is great.

 2)Is this working currently in Axis2 or yet to be developed? Any examples or doc on this will be great.

 3)What is the purpose of SessionContext ?? I assume it plays a major role in session scope, but to what extent??  Do u have the design or requirements that led to the existence of SessionContext.
    If can I understand the original thinking behind it then I can have a better idea in terms of what should be distributable within the session context.

4) Exactly what will be stored within the SessionContext ??
    Currentlly are we storing non-serializable information within the context that are ciritcal for a session?

5)I assume the following relationship.  ServiceContext holds several SessionContexts (multiple clients accessing the service with a session of their own). And SessionContext holds several Operational Contexts and in turn several MsgContexts.

Is this assumption correct?
Sorry for the long list, your help is really appreciated.


Rajith Attapattu.