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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] MIME Parsing fails with Sun's JavaMail API Implementation
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 11:49:40 GMT
Afkham Azeez wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I encountered a somewhat critical situation, where if we use Sun's
> JavaMail API implementation, instead of Geronimo's JavaMail API
> implementation, parsing of MIME Encoded messages fails. The initial
> failure occurs in the javax.mail.internet.ContentType class, where we
> pass in the Content-Type header.
> I reckon when we deploy axis2.war in Tomcat, if  the Sun JavaMail API
> implementation gets placed ahead of Gernimo's implementation, we'll
> not be able to process MIME Encoded messages. Thoughts?
> FYI, I'm attaching a stacktrace below:
> ----------------------------------------------- Stack Trace
> -----------------------------------------------------
> Invalid Content Type Field in
> the Mime Message
> The relevant Content-Type header valueis;
> multipart/related;
> boundary=MIMEBoundaryurn:uuid:F02ECC18873CFB73E211412712924004;
> type=application/xop+xml;
> start=<>;
> start-info=text/xml; charset=UTF-8
> The above header is Parsed successfully if we use Geronimo's implementation.

Looks like xop+xml is not a valid mime type. There is a bug in some of 
suns xsd's that say that + isnt allowed in a mime type, perhaps this is 
the same in software.

Where is the content-type being set? I'd change it.

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