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From "Raymond Feng" <>
Subject [AXIS2] Question: Does WSDL2Java support doc-lit wrapped style?
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 22:52:51 GMT

I understand Axis1.x WSDL2Java honors doc-lit wrapped style and generates unwrapped java methods.
The following is a quote from the Axis 1.3 reference guide.

"W, --noWrapped 
This turns off the special treatment of what is called "wrapped" document/literal style operations.
By default, WSDL2Java will recognize the following conditions: 
  a.. If an input message has is a single part. 
  b.. The part is an element. 
  c.. The element has the same name as the operation 
  d.. The element's complex type has no attributes

When it sees this, WSDL2Java will 'unwrap' the top level element, and treat each of the components
of the element as arguments to the operation. This type of WSDL is the default for Microsoft
.NET web services, which wrap up RPC style arguments in this top level schema element. "

When I tried Axis2 WSDL2Java, it seems that it always generate unwrapped stubs and skeletons.
Is this the direction we're heading?

BTW, do we have Java2WSDL support in Axis2?


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