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From "Raymond Feng" <>
Subject [AXIS2] How does Axiom handle namespaces in ancestor scopes?
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2006 23:37:16 GMT

I have an OM containment hiearchy as "SOAPEnvelope --> SOAPBody --> OMElement e1" and
the namespace xmlns:ns1="http://ns1" is declared at the SOAPEnvelope level (I observe that
It's the behavior when the SOAPEnvelope is received from the Axis2 engine).

XMLStream reader = e1.getXMLStreamReader();

For the reader, I found "reader.getNamespaceCount()" returns 0. Is it by design because the
namespace "http://ns1" is not declared at e1 level? If so, it could be a problem if I pull
events from the reader directly since the "http://ns1" won't be reported. What's the best
way to populate namespaces from the ancestor scopes into e1?


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