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From Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
Subject Re: [axis2] AXIOM question
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 12:52:25 GMT
Do the various AxisFault constructors not fit the bill? For example:

AxisFault(QName faultCode, String faultReason, Throwable cause)

(And there are other more flexible ones as well of course.)


On Thu, 2006-04-13 at 08:18 -0400, Glen Daniels wrote:
> Hi Paul:
> > This is the code I've used - not sure if its the tightest.
> > 
> > factory = OMAbstractFactory.getSOAP11Factory();
> > SOAPEnvelope faultEnvelope = factory.getDefaultFaultEnvelope();
> That gets me a "default" fault which has no useful fault code or reason. 
>    I actually saw this code, which is what led me to ask the question. :)
> Either I should be able to take the fault you get with the above code 
> and mutate it to add reason/faultcode/details, or there should be 
> another way to generate a fault envelope by specifying some parameters. 
>   In either case, the API should be simple and easy to use.  If this 
> isn't already the case we should make it so.
> This of course leads into a slightly bigger discussion about how to 
> clean up the fault classes, which is already a JIRA but needs dealing with.
> --Glen

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