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From Guillaume Sauthier <>
Subject Re: [RESULT] Release Axis 1.4 final branch
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 07:31:37 GMT
Glen Daniels wrote:
> Hi David!
> David Blevins wrote:
>> Looks like there is more or less a consensus to release 1.4 final 
>> branch.  Going to get started on that then.
> Sounds good, though there have actually been some good fixes added to 
> the trunk since the 1.4 branch....  Considering we haven't done the 
> release yet, I'm doubting anyone is really using the 1.4 branch as a 
> checkpoint as yet (?) - do you think it might be worth merging the 
> HEAD over to 1.4 before releasing?  I'd be +1 for this, but even if 
> not I'd like to see the HEAD go out as 1.4.1 pretty quickly....
We (JOnAS team) are already shipping with that 1_4_FINAL version. (Are 
we alone to use that version, geronimo guys ?) So we would like to have 
an official release.
We know that that version is ok in regards with JOnAS test suite (and TCK).

For us, 1.4 is what is located in that 1_4_FINAL branch.
Then, the HEAD should be 1.5 (if there are a lot of changes) or 1.4.1 
(is less changes).

What do you think ?

>> Glen, as I understand it, you've done all the Axis releases to date.  
>> You have a checklist or something of the steps required?  Or at 
>> minimum, a couple tips?
> Here's what I think needs doing, which has usually been some 
> combination of myself and dims (he's usually done at least the last 
> two steps).
> * Make sure version is updated (xmls/properties.xml,
>   release-notes.html, changelog.html)
> * Make sure change log is updated (changelog.html)
> * Make sure release notes are accurate (release-notes.html)
> * Make sure you have ALL optional dependencies installed
>   so that the build works out-of-the-box with all extensions
> * Clean everything, ensure all-tests works
> * Build dists
> * Calc checksums, sign release
>   (we haven't been doing this but need to.  You can find info at
> * Upload to /www/ (create new dir in there)
> * Update the Axis web site
> * Update the Maven repository
> Jakarta has a terrific release guide at 
>, we should 
> have a version of that for WS....
> So let's discuss my question above, and then once we decide, let me/us 
> know if you have any problems/issues, and thanks so much for helping out!
> --Glen

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