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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Giving modules the ability to define their own phases
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 18:00:41 GMT
Hi all:

A huge +1 to allowing Modules (and maybe Services) to deploy their own 
Phases.  We can perhaps discuss this on this week's chat, but a quick 
summary from my POV...

* An ExecutionChain is just a list of named Handlers which execute
   in order.

* A Phase is (should be) just a Handler that happens to a) live
   at the top level (i.e. not inside another Phase), and b) act as
   a container for other Handlers.  (also, it has pre and post
   conditions, but that's not relevant here)

* When you deploy a Phase you're doing almost exactly the same
   thing you do when you deploy a Handler within a Phase - you're
   saying "add this named component to the EC, and please follow
   these placement rules (BEFORE X, AFTER Y, etc)".  As an
   example, imagine this ExecutionChain:

1. Handler1
2. [PhaseA : Handler2, Handler5 ]
3. [PhaseB : Handler3]
4. Handler4

Now I deploy a Module which has "PhaseC AFTER PhaseA" and
"Handler6 IN PhaseC BEFORE Handler99"...

1. Handler1
2. [PhaseA : Handler2, Handler5 ]
3. [PhaseC : Handler99 ]
4. [PhaseB : Handler3 ]
5. Handler4

Doesn't that seem handy?

* If multiple Modules define the same Phase, it's no problem
   as long as each deployment rule is checked out as the Module
   is engaged.  For instance, if another Module engaged after
   the one above had declared "PhaseC BEFORE PhaseB" and another
   Handler in PhaseC, we'd be fine.  Doing this checking might
   not be entirely necessary - as a first cut we could simply
   let the first one to define a Phase (either core Axis2 or
   a Module) deploy it, and then if we notice a duplicate name
   later, just ignore it and assume it's ok.

* Doing this is, I think, an important part of the composability
   puzzle - just like Module authors are allowed to define their
   own Handlers, they should be able to declare the Phases in
   which those Handlers do their work, without forcing the Axis2
   admin to figure out how to deploy the correct Phases before
   they can even use the Module.


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