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Subject Fw: [Axis2] Databinding structuring proposal
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 13:40:51 GMT

Pawan Udernani, PMP
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"Dennis Sosnoski" <> 
29-Mar-2006 16:31
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Re: [Axis2] Databinding structuring proposal

Chuck Williams wrote:

> "Ajith Ranabahu" <> wrote on 03/29/2006 
> 07:37:48 AM:
>>I'm not familiar with the velocity or freemarker template languages
>>but In any case I guess we'll be introducing another dependancy! Also
>>if  we special case the templating language, it makes things harder
>>for the people who would need to tweak the code generator.
> As someone who's tweaked the code generator to add support for choice 
> particles, recursive data types, etc., I'd like to second Ajith's 
> point.  Xsl is a broadly known syntax that works well for the 
> generation of final Java code.  Having the code generator structured 
> as it is now, creating a POJO representation of the schema, 
> transforming that into a DOM, and then using xsl to transform the DOM 
> into Java classes, is clean, easy to understand, and quite flexible.

I'm somewhat less thrilled by the use of XSLT for code generation, but 
passing data in XML is certainly a plus. Overall I found the code 
generation structure very flexible and easy to extend. I didn't find any 
documentation of the actual XML formats, though, so I added debug 
logging of the XML documents used for code generation in 
MultiLanguageClientEmitter to simplify understanding the existing XSLTs.

  - Dennis

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