Hi Deepal,
You have raised some very good questions. So I thought of bringing it to the list and answering them there so others could also joing the disscussion or raise their concerns
My answers are inline
>Deepal Jayasinghe commented on AXIS2-532:
>I went though the patch and understood that you have done a great job , thx for doing all those. I have few question to clarify.
Thank you very much for taking your time to verify the patch

> We have transport independent session management called SOAP session , so if you deploy a service in a SOAP session scope then >service will have transport independent session management. So there what will happen is ;
> when you deploy a service in SOAP session , when a service get a request it will send a serviceGroupID (which is the session ID) > back , so if user send that back (in the next request) then user will be able to come back to the same session.
> In the meantime we have transport dependent session as well , both in simple HTTP server case and AxisServlet case we do support >transport dependent session management.
> I think I am missing something please explain to me , the difference between what we have right now and what you have done.
This is an excellent question, thank you for raising it.
Following is the difference btw what we have right now and the what I have done within the new implementation.
(Please do not think I am trying to critizie the current impl in any way. I am simply pointing out the differences and the advantages the new system brings in)
The main difference from an Web Services POV is that the new impl that I have proposed is one of the standard ways of handling session mgt in Web Services. Currently there is 2 (Please refer to the previous threads on session mgt, Srinath has posted some research papers on this topic)
1.) WS-Context
2.) Using WS-Addressing EPR's
Implementing WS-Context on top of this is going to be trivial as it has a clearly defined session model.
The current impl.
The new impl
If you need further clarification on this points I am more than happy to explain. Deepal if you feel we have overlapping features can we slowly phase out the current impl provided that we all agree the benifits of the new system.

>One other thing I understood from your path is that  you can achieve the same goal by adding an axis2 module (.mar) , since what you >have done is getting the session at the in handler and adding session id into outgoing message. So the best thing you should do is get >the session by In handler and populate MessageContext using that.
Totaly agree on this. I spoke with Srinath before this and we discussed this and he mentioned that moving back and forth btw the 2 approached is not that hard.
I think the module (.mar) approach is a clean way to add handlers
However I have a question on where to put the config? Can I still keep that in axis2.xml? I prefer to keep it there.
But I like to hear everybodys suggestions on this