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From "Davanum Srinivas" <>
Subject [Axis2][Proposal] Folding changes back to trunk
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 06:06:40 GMT

I spent the day today staring at diff's...tried all sorts of things
with "svn merge" and winmerge. Bottom line, there's tons of changes in
the branch and HEAD has much fewer changes. So here's the proposal.

(Assuming base svn url is
1. Freeze check-ins to trunk/java and branches/java/1_1/
2. copy trunk/java into branches/java/old_trunk/
3. copy branches/java/1_1/ to trunk/java
4. Fix all the version #'s in project.xml/'s
5. Copy branches/java/old_trunk/modules/jaxws to
trunk/java/modules/jaxws (complete overwrite since all changes were
made in head)
6. Merge addressing module changes from
branches/java/old_trunk/modules/addressing  to
trunk/java/modules/addressing by hand
7. Merge kernel module changes from
branches/java/old_trunk/modules/kernel to trunk/java/modules/kernel by
8. Unfreeze trunk/java and branches/java/1_1/
9. Any other items can be merged on a need basis from old_trunk.

I can handle 1-5 and 8.

Bill and David, could you please help with 6 and 7? I could use some
help with 5 too if i run into trouble getting all the tests to work

Everyone can pitch in after step 8. people can continue working on
old_trunk, but they would be responsible for merging back...Please
remember, we have gone to great lengths to stabilize the code on the
branch and this is the best way that i can think of to minimize
instability and move forward.

Questions, comments, concerns?


Davanum Srinivas : (Oxygen for Web Service Developers)

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