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From Takahide Nogayama <>
Subject Re: Request for XML Filter (AXIS2-1085)
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 21:36:29 GMT
And We also inspect another solution which uses XMLInputFactory.

In this solution, Filter is inserted at XMLInputFactory which is written 
by us.
The XMLInputFactory returns Filter instance. The filter wraps 
(Filter -> XMLStreamReader). And the filter goes into builder (StAXBuilder 
Filter -> XMLStreamReader). Here, filter configuration is stored in 

We expect that the ode which pass MessageContext to XMLInputFactory will 
be too complex,
because XMLInputFactory is wrapped by StAXUtils and StaxUtils reuses 
several XMLInputFactory.
To avoid this complex, we can use ThreadLocal-Storage. We store 
MessageContext immediately to the 
ThreadLocal-Storage when it is created, then filter which is in the same 
thread can get
MessageContext by the ThreadLocal-Storage. (In current implementation, 
MessageContext is stored
on ThreadLocal-Storage at receiver layer. That is, MessageContext is not 
stored when the message
processed in transport layer and handler layer. To archieve this 
XMLInputFactory solution,
we have to change transport layer to store MC to TLS.)

# We do not think this solution is good. because TLS is used.

The points of XMLInputFactory solution are
    - Insert filter inside of XMLInputFactory
    - Filter configuration is stored in the XMLInputFactory
    - Pass MessageContext by using ThreadLocal-Storage
    pros) There are no filter related code in AXIS2.
    cons) Need to change to AXIS2 transport layer component to store 
MessageContext on ThreadLocal-Storage when it is created.
    cons) This seems contradict to MC design. We put context information 
in Axis Service/Operation/Message context because there is no control of 
when there is a thread switch.

Takahide Nogayama

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