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From "Vaibhav Pandey" <>
Subject WS-Addressing setReplyto method name namespace
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 13:54:13 GMT
need help on an issue relating to WS Addressing:
m working on the following configuration with WS addressing using
axis2 :-

axis2 + Jboss + IBM Rad6

m trying to generate a scenario wherein i send a SOAP request using axis2 to
an axis2 WS deployed on JBOSS. Then the reply of this service should be
forwarded to another WS hosted on RAD6. Everythng wrks perfectly fine except
the fault that i get from RAD6 stating that it could not map the request to
a particular operation.

axis2 client --SOAPReq (over HTTP)--> WS1 (axis2 WS on jboss) --SOAPRes
(over HTTP)--> WS2 (on IBM Rad6)

The reason for this is that the SOAP response generated by my WS1 will have
the namespace and method response of WS1 and no information pertaining to
the WS2, but as the replyto header is set to the WS2 EPR, the request gets
forwarded and then the WS2 generates a fault.

I tried with all types of WS viz doc/literal, rpc/encoded, rpc/literal etc
but got the same fault !!

Is there any way by which i can set these configurations(method name of WS2
and namespace through my client itself or any other way) ??

Kindly guide me as to what m i supposed to do ??


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