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From "Jochen Wiedmann" <>
Subject M2 pom's for 1.1 are defect: Require axis2-
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 12:00:22 GMT

I am sorry to say, but I have found that the POM files for Axis2 1.1
have a serious defect, making transitive dependencies absolutely
useless. This is a problem for all Maven 2 users, that intend to use
these files for development.

Unfortunately, the Maven repository doesn't allow to update files. One
can only deploy new files with incremented version numbers. In other
words, I cannot fix my error without deploying new POM files to the
repository. In particular, I need to create a new version number.
While that's no problem in itself, I need to deploy the Axis 2 jar
files as well, with the updated version numbers: POM files and jar
files are linked together by name!

In other words: I need to deploy, for example,


(The jar files being identical with axis2-kernel-1.1.jar, ...)

How I increment the version number, doesn't matter. I could was well
use a version number like 1.1.m2.1 or whatever.

The reason I am posting this is, that pom files are distributables. In
other words, they should have the an explicit ok by developers and
PMC: I'll need to start a vote on this list. Because the vote is on a
very unusual subject, I am asking in advance, whether there are any
problems with my intention?



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