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From "Thilina Gunarathne" <>
Subject Re: M2 pom's for 1.1 are defect: Require axis2-
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 12:24:08 GMT
My guess is right. You are going after the same issue as I am. See the
advantage of mentioning the actual issue..

This issue is not there in the original Axis2 1.1 jars I uploaded to
Apparently this dependency in POM has been fixed before the release..
You can check the source release to verify that.

Apache repository mirroring process has some how screwed up the
Axis2-1.1 jars in the ibiblio repository. They are not the same as I
uploaded.. Even the sizes are different and md5's do not match..
FYI: This has been already informed to the


On 11/22/06, Jochen Wiedmann <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> > Please hold on to the VOTE. Let's take this week to see if anything
> > else pops up. We may as well do a quick 1.1.1 next week. ok? if not,
> > we can do the pom/jars as you mentioned.
> No problem with waiting. So far, the maven plugins don't seem to be in
> widespread use. Of course, a general 1.1.1 would be a preferred
> solution.
> Thilina Gunarathne wrote:
> > We would like to hear more about the defect too. May be you can open a
> > JIRA (Not sure whether there's a one already)..
> I won't open a Jira solution for something that's already fixed, at
> least in SVN.
> The problem is that axis.2-parent-1.1.pom contains the following dependency:
>         <dependency>
>           <groupId>org.apache.neethi</groupId>
>           <artifactId>neethi</artifactId>
>           <version>2.0</version>
>        </dependency>
> But axis2-kernel-1.1.pom uses:
>         <dependency>
>           <groupId></groupId>
>           <artifactId>neethi</artifactId>
>         </dependency>
> The problem is related to a recent change in the neethi POM.
> IMO, the only chance to be protected against such things is that
> people start using the Maven 2 build scripts as soon and much as
> possible. AFAIK, I am currently the only person who is actively using
> and maintaining these files, and such problems are typically detected
> by users, not the developers.
> Jochen
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