>On Fri, 2006-12-01 at 13:56 -0600, Ann Robinson wrote:
>> Hi, Sanjiva,
>> The proposal could be committed with little risk to the rest of Axis2.
>> The save/restore of a message context is not an automatic action and
>> so it would not affect current message handling.
>Yes but the code that's committed will not work according to Axis2 works
>and anyone else using it will find that out the hard way.
>That's not an acceptable commit right?


Committing the code as-is will not disrupt anyone else. The function has to
be explicitly called.  I expect to provide an update
to address your concerns over the ServiceContext fairly soon, so I expect that the
window in which someone could use it and hit that problem will be short.  In this
respect, this is no different from someone using Axis2 and encountering a problem
and opening a JIRA issue.  

If finding someone to do the commit is a problem I would suggest Bill Nagy, who
already has some familiarity with the message context save/restore code.