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Subject svn commit: r525125 - /webservices/axis2/trunk/c/xdocs/docs/axis2c_manual.html
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 10:10:46 GMT
Author: samisa
Date: Tue Apr  3 03:10:43 2007
New Revision: 525125

Fixed the typos pointed out by Evanthika


Modified: webservices/axis2/trunk/c/xdocs/docs/axis2c_manual.html
--- webservices/axis2/trunk/c/xdocs/docs/axis2c_manual.html (original)
+++ webservices/axis2/trunk/c/xdocs/docs/axis2c_manual.html Tue Apr  3 03:10:43 2007
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
 <p>This sections is aimed to help you to get a Web service up in quick time
 using Axis2/C and consume that service using an Axis2/C client.</p>
-<p>First download the latest binary release form Apache Axis2/C</p>
+<p>First download the latest binary release form Apache Axis2/C
 <a href="">download page</a>. Once
 you download the correct binary that suits your platform, all that you
 require to get it running is to extract the package to a folder of your
@@ -52,10 +52,6 @@
 guide</a> for more details. 
 <p>Once you have Axis2/C up and running successfully, you can start writing
 your own services and clients. The following sections detail how to write
 your first service and client with Axis2/C.</p>
@@ -262,12 +258,21 @@
 <p>On Linux:</p>
 <pre>gcc -shared -I$AXIS2C_HOME/include -L$AXIS2C_HOME/lib -laxis2 hello.c</pre>
-<p>On Windows</p>
-<p>to compile,</p>
+<p>On Windows:</p>
+<p> Make sure you have run 'vcvars32.bat' to set the environment variables and path
+retuired to run the compiler and linker on command line</p>
+<p>to compile - </p>
 <pre>cl.exe /D "WIN32" /D "_WINDOWS" /D "_MBCS"/D"AXIS2_DECLARE_EXPORT" 
-$(APACHE_INCLUDE_PATH) /I hello.c</pre>
+/I $(APACHE_INCLUDE_PATH) hello.c</pre>
+<p>to link - </p>
+<pre>link.exe /nologo /LIBPATH:$(AXIS2_LIBS) /LIBPATH:$(LIBXSLT_BIN_DIR)\lib 
+         /LIBPATH:$(ZLIB_BIN_DIR)\lib *.obj axis2_util.lib axiom.lib 
+         axis2_parser.lib axis2_engine.lib Rpcrt4.lib Ws2_32.lib 
+         /DLL /OUT:hello.dll</pre>
 <h3>1.1.7 Deploying the Service</h3>

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