I've noticed that the XML tagnames in the Axis2 descriptors are inconsistent. Some tags start with a simple letter (e.g. parameter), some tags start with a capital letter (e.g. Description). Some tags are written in camel case starting with a simple letter ( e.g.  phaseOrder), some start with capital letters (e.g. InFlow). Some tags are written in all simples (e.g. axisconfig). This is very difficult for a WS developer to remember.

There are two major styles adopted by some of the popular application servers for their descriptor files;

1. Camel case starting with a capital letter e.g. RepositoryLocation
2. All simples, separated with hyphens, e.g. repository-location

I strongly feel that we need to adopt a consistent style. On the other hand, this change may break backward compatibility.

Afkham Azeez

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