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From Ann Robinson <>
Subject Re: [axis2] Revisiting the Proposal for fixing out-of-memory error JIRA axis2-2968
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 16:09:24 GMT
Thanks for the comments and the postings to the JIRA.

To answer your question about the WSDL definition wrapper:
 The problem is having a solution that will work in all WSDL cases          
 (including the imports,                                                    
 includes, ?wsdl, etc), and not impact the customer's setup or API usage.   
 Also, not every server                                                     
 environment will be resource constrained - for those server environments,  
 it would be nice to                                                        
 avoid the processing overhead.                                             
 So, I was thinking of having a configuration parameter to control how the  
 in-memory copy of the                                                      
 WSDL definition is handled on the AxisService object.                      
 For example, given a configuration parameter named ReduceWSDLMemoryCache   
 (or something similar),                                                    
 then the WSDL definition wrapper could query the configuration parameter.  
 If the configuration                                                       
 setting is "True", then the wrapper takes the steps to reduce the memory   
 used by the WSDL                                                           
 defintion. For now, that would be serializing the WSDL definition object   
 if it can be. When the                                                     
 updates to WSDL4J are available, then the wrapper could take advantage of  
 new APIs or steps                                                          
 provided by WSDL4J.                                                        

I will post a patch to the JIRA with the configuration parameter and the
updates to the WSDL
definition wrapper soon for review.

- Ann
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