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From Ali Sadik Kumlali <>
Subject Re: MDB's with axis2
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 13:14:21 GMT
Hi Cathal,

> Is it possible to use MDB's with axis2?

But please keep in mind that;
- It's just a starter, worked for me in the past though :)
- It doesn't handle replyTo cases
- Axis2's JMS transport code have been changed since the JIRA created
- I neither used nor tested the code for a long time (also doesn't remember the details clearly

BTW, I suggest you to look at JIRAs[1] and mails[2] related to JMS.


Ali Sadik Kumlali


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From: callagc4 <>
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2008 9:14:54 PM
Subject: MDB's with axis2


Is it possible to use MDB's with axis2? I ask this due to the fact the
axis2's jms support does not work with Websphere 6.1. Websphere 6.1 adheres
to the j2ee 1.4 spec and prohibits the use of the setMessageListener method
which means that axis2 jms is incompatable with Websphere 6.1.

As an alternative i would like to now if it is possible to use MDB's with
axis2 and if so how is this configured?

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