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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Generating WSDL for JAXWS artifacts
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 19:00:20 GMT
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Roy, Lahiru,

Here's where i have gotten so far...I got a jaxws service (Calculator) and a jaxws provider
(StringProvider) working
under the PojoDeployer. Here are the steps:

1. Run "mvn -Dtest=false clean -Dtarget install"
2. Unzip the in modules\distribution\target to tomcat\webapps\axis2
3. Copy jaxws-api.jar jaxws-rt.jar jaxws-tools.jar (Latest RI) into axis2\WEB-INF\lib
4. Edit axis2.xml's PojoDeployer
~ <deployer extension=".jar" directory="pojo" class="org.apache.axis2.deployment.POJODeployer"/>
5. Drop the xsd and wsdl's into axis2\WEB-INF\wsdl
6. compile the 2 java files and jar it up and place it under axis2\WEB-INF\pojo\myPojo.jar

Please try it out and let me know if you see issues. They should serve up the correct wsdl
(picked up from the
WEB-INF\wsdl directory) and they should handle requests properly.

Oh! for now, copy the myPojo.jar into WEB-INF/lib as well as otherwise the wsgen wont' find
it (am working on it!)


Roy Wood wrote:
| Hi Lahiru,
| Yes, we are considering doing this as well. The POJODeployer is a simple
| somewhat "clean" way of deploying simple web services as .classes or .jars.
| Trying to add functionality for deploying .wars (or expanded .wars) would
| convolute its initial intent. So, our first thoughts are to build a new
| deployer (JAXWSDeployer or WebAppDeployer) that deploys .wars (or possible
| expanded .wars). It would be similar to POJODeployer but would also address
| the following problems:
|      - Ability to process @WebServiceProvider annotations
|      - Utilize the new 'wsgen' capabilities that Dims just added
|      - Ability to possibly handle a custom deployment descriptor..still
| under discussion as this may
|         not be necessary
|      - Other problems with annotation processing/validation that we haven't
| discovered yet
| Lahiru Sandakith Gallege wrote:
|> Hi Dims,
|> I am thinking of not extending the pojo deployer on this regard. Since the
|> forward set of deployable service artifact of the sun TCK are in the form
|> of
|> war files and seems we are not allowed it to change them as we want. We
|> have
|> to get our deployment mechanism to get them sorted out. How about using
|> our
|> axis2 webapp and then have an extension to the deployment from plugable
|> component as TCK suit and made the sun specific wars deployable and we can
|> have the services up on Axis2. Actually we can make this deployment
|> extension as JAXWS Deployer in JAXWS module. This was my idea rather than
|> going for the POJO Deployer on this. Thoughts ?
|> Thanks
|> Lahiru Sandakith
|> On Feb 5, 2008 4:16 AM, Davanum Srinivas <> wrote:
| Deepal, Sandakith,
| Right now we pick up just a few of the annotations from a java class.
| Namely the ones in
| org.apache.axis2.description.java2wsdlAnnotationConstants. I believe we
| need to take into account *all* possible
| annotations in the spec to pass the TCK.
| ~    String WEB_SERVICE = "javax.jws.WebService";
| ~    String WEB_METHOD = "javax.jws.WebMethod";
| ~    String WEB_PARAM = "javax.jws.WebParam";
| ~    String WEB_RESULT = "javax.jws.WebResult";
| ~    String TARGETNAMESPACE = "targetNamespace";
| ~    String NAME = "name";
| ~    String SERVICE_NAME = "serviceName";
| ~    String EXCLUDE = "exclude";
| ~    String ACTION = "action";
| ~    String WSDL_LOCATION = "wsdlLocation";
| ~    String OPERATION_NAME ="operationName";
| One option that was taken by the Geronimo team was to use the JAXWS RI's
| wsgen tool programatically. We should probably
| start looking at the same as well.
| We need to figure out how to support user specified WSDL's as well in the
| PojoDeployer..Thoughts?
| thanks,
| dims
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|> Lahiru Sandakith
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