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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: Introducing J2XB for Axis
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2008 16:33:06 GMT
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Or you can implement the SchemaGenerator interface...see existing code that implement this.
For example, we have used
JAXB RI to generate the schemas.


keith chapman wrote:
| If you are looking at Java2WSDL you can take an approach such as this. Write
| a module that will take in a set of java classes and generate a
| AxisService.  During the creation of the AxisService you can crete the
| schema using J2XB and stick it into the AxisService. During WSDL generation
| both AxisService2OM and AxisService2WSDL2 takes the schema off the
| AxisService and serializes it (The schema is not generated).
| So in essence this looks like a new deployer as Deepel suggested.
| Thanks,
| Keith.
| On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 7:33 PM, Yoav Abrahami <> wrote:
|> Hi all,
|> I have found the following so far -
|> 1. I can write new implementations of the receivers to implement J2XB
|> marshaling and unmarshaling. doing so seems quite simple given the provided
|> samples. This will require the J2XB service to include in the service.xml
|> file the mapping to the new J2XB receivers. Is there a better way to do
|> this?
|> The receivers to subclass -
|> AbstractInMessageReceiver
|> AbstractInOutAsyncMessageReceiver
|> AbstractInOutSyncMessageReceiver
|> AbstractMessageReceiver
|> 2. WSDL generation - I have found the Axis2 generates WSDL automatically
|> for services who do not provide a ready-made WSDL. The process is performed
|> by the AxisService, AxisService2OM and AxisService2WSDL2 classes and does
|> not appear to allow extensions.I can integrate J2XB Schema generation into
|> those classes but it will require changes to those classes. Is there any
|> plugin / extension mechanism that I am missing?
|> Cheers,
|>   Yoav
|> On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 3:54 PM, Yoav Abrahami <> wrote:
|>> Hi Amila,
|>> As you have noticed, J2XB is going in the direction of Java2WSDL, not
|>> WSDL2Java. In fact, writing WSDL2Java in the case of J2XB is a challenge
|>> because J2XB allows to map the same WSDL (actually the same XSD) to
|>> different Java representations.
|>> I have looked at the Java2WSDL code and it does not seem to allow any
|>> extensions. Extending Java2WSDL to support J2XB will allow this tool to be
|>> able to support more advanced Java structures (including collections,
|>> constructors, etc) and generate more detailed XML schemas (constraints,
|>> substitution groups, etc). It looks like we can either change the Java2WSDL
|>> tool itself or write a new one.
|>> Note that the J2XB Java code does not include methods such as toOM and
|>> fromOM, instead we use a separate engine (from the model classes). How do I
|>> implement the marshaling and unmarshaling of the WS call parts (I assume
|>> those are converted to OMElements by Axis2) to J2XB? J2XB has the methods to
|>> marshal and unmarshal an OMElement to Java classes. For unmarshling we
|>> require the OMElement to unmarshal and it's QName. For marshaling we require
|>> only the Java instance.
|>> I have tried to find where XmlBeans is integrated into Axis2 for the
|>> marshal and unmarshal and failed to find it. Can you point me at the right
|>> direction?
|>> Cheers,
|>>   Yoav
|>> On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 9:12 AM, Amila Suriarachchi <
|>>> wrote:
|>>> hi Yoav,
|>>> As I understood from your mail it is not an alternative to ADB, Xmlbeans
|>>> and jaxb. What these frameworks does is that they generate the java classes
|>>> from a given schema.
|>>> For me this is some what similar to jibx.
|>>> you can have an idea of how Axis2 codegeneration works and overall axis2
|>>> architecture (WSDL2java tool) here[1].
|>>> And also please see the xmlbeans module. And see how xmlbeans integrated
|>>> to Axis2.
|>>> Here mainly you have to write a Codegen utility class
|>>> (org.apache.axis2.xmlbeans.CodeGenerationUtility) to generate the java code
|>>> from the XmlSchema and return a Map which contain the QName and the
|>>> generated class name. Axis2 codegen engine use this information to generate
|>>> the classes.
|>>> And also you need to write a binding template which mainly implement the
|>>> toOM and fromOM methods.
|>>> Then add an extension to Codegen module (eg.
|>>> org.apache.axis2.wsdl.codegen.extension.XMLBeansExtension)
|>>> to register with the WSDL2java tool.
|>>> feel free to ask any question. I'll bit busy for this week. certainly be
|>>> able to answer any thing from next week.
|>>> thanks,
|>>> Amila.
|>>> [1]
|>>> On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 11:35 PM, Eran Chinthaka <
|>>>> wrote:
|>>>> Hi Yoav,
|>>>> Good points. I think first you should approach to WSDL2Java generation.
|>>>> You can see [1] for some information on it. That article was written by
|>>>> Mr. ADB and I think he will help you if you have any problem during the
|>>>> process.
|>>>> I think first you will have to convince the devs here, that J2XB is
|>>>> really good by some sorta performance or features implemented. Then they
|>>>> will deep dive in to J2XB.
|>>>> Please read the above article [1] and let us know when you have
|>>>> problems. Ajith and Amila (gurus of ADB) will help you for sure. ("A" in
|>>>> can be any of "Axis2", "Ajith" or "Amila" ;) )
|>>>> One another point. ADB is not meant to be a complete data binding
|>>>> framework. We designed it to be a simple framework which is tightly
|>>>> integrated in to things like AXIOM within Axis2. ADB might serve the purpose
|>>>> most of the time, I think. I specially like it since it is light weight
|>>>> tightly coupled in to the internals of Axiom.
|>>>>  If J2XB is a light weight framework to generate schema from Java
|>>>> classes, then perhaps we might be able to use that to improve our Java2WSDL
|>>>> as well. For the time being, IIRC, we use some sorta reflection and
|>>>> annotations mechanism and definitely we like to get some help for that too.
|>>>> Thanks,
|>>>> Eran Chinthaka
|>>>> [1] :
|>>>> On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 1:51 AM, Yoav Abrahami <> wrote:
|>>>>> Hi Eran,
|>>>>> J2XB certainly introduces new functionality beyond ADB, XmlBeans or
|>>>>> JiBX.
|>>>>> * XMLBeans Supports Java code generation from an XML schema - it
|>>>>> requires that the generated binding classes be separate then the application
|>>>>> classes and it does not generate an XML schema from Java code.
|>>>>> * JiBX has good support for binding Java Beans to XML and back.
|>>>>> However, it is still missing some features such as XML Schema generation
|>>>>> (which is important for WSDL generation), XML list styles, flexibility
|>>>>> enumeration support, etc.
|>>>>> * ADB - well, ADB is a simplistic databinding framework, but still has
|>>>>> a lot of features missing compared to J2XB.
|>>>>> I think that integrating J2XB into Axis 2 is a good idea (and hence
|>>>>> this thread). However, I find it difficult to do so myself - I am not
|>>>>> member in the Axis 2 dev team. As such, except the technical difficulty,
|>>>>> do not have the knowledge now Axis 2 is structured and where the I should
|>>>>> integrate J2XB (in the code). I am seeking help from you guys here to
|>>>>> in this integration.
|>>>>> I can think of 4 possible integration points:
|>>>>> * marshaling and unmarshaling XML to Java classes used as parameters
|>>>>> for an Axis WS (in an AAR archive).
|>>>>> * marshaling and unmarshaling MXL to Java classes used as parameters
|>>>>> for an Axis WS client
|>>>>> * automatic WSDL generation for a service in an AAR.
|>>>>> * extending Java2WSDL to support J2XB binding
|>>>>> I am basically looking of developer involvement (from the Axis team)
|>>>>> help creating those integrations.
|>>>>> Cheers,
|>>>>>   Yoav
|>>>>> On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 5:13 AM, Eran Chinthaka <
|>>>>>> wrote:
|>>>>>> Perhaps you can integrate J2XB into Axis2 and prove, using some
|>>>>>> experimental results, the areas J2XB is better than ADB or XMLBeans
or JiBX.
|>>>>>> And I hope this will motivate our ADB team and Mr. JiBX (Dennis)
|>>>>>> compete with J2BX :)
|>>>>>> On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 4:30 AM, Yoav Abrahami <>
|>>>>>> wrote:
|>>>>>>> Hi Axis dev team.
|>>>>>>> (I hope this is the right mailing list. if not, my apologies)
|>>>>>>> I have recently released the J2XB (Java 2 XML Binding) project
as an
|>>>>>>> open source project. I believe J2XB can be used as a new binding
for Axis 2
|>>>>>>> and offer some unique advantages over the existing bindings.
|>>>>>>> see at
|>>>>>>> J2XB is unique in that it allows to annotate Java classes and
|>>>>>>> generate the XML schema (XSD) from the Java classes, including
|>>>>>>> constraints, etc. In addition, it allows to map any Java class
to XML
|>>>>>>> structure in a vary flexible way, supporting any Java class
(POJO) including
|>>>>>>> classes with non-trivial constructors and factories. All this
is performed
|>>>>>>> without need to write code or to generate code.
|>>>>>>> Connecting J2XB and Axis 2 will result in the ability to white
a Web
|>>>>>>> Service the axis way (POJO in an AAR) with WSDL generated including
|>>>>>>> generated form the Java classes. The XSD generated can then
be controlled
|>>>>>>> using the J2XB annotations.
|>>>>>>> Note that J2XB allows considerably more control over the XML
|>>>>>>> structure compared to JAXB.
|>>>>>>> In hope that there is interest to join forces,
|>>>>>>> Cheers,
|>>>>>>>    Yoav
|>>>>>> --
|>>>>>> With Mettha,
|>>>>>> Eran Chinthaka
|>>>>>> --------------------------------------------------------------------
|>>>>>> Health is the greatest gift; contentment is the greatest wealth;
|>>>>>> trusting is the best relationship; nirvana is the highest joy. -
|>>>> --
|>>>> With Mettha,
|>>>> Eran Chinthaka
|>>>> --------------------------------------------------------------------
|>>>> Health is the greatest gift; contentment is the greatest wealth;
|>>>> trusting is the best relationship; nirvana is the highest joy. - Dhammapada
|>>> --
|>>> Amila Suriarachchi,
|>>> WSO2 Inc.
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