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From Deepal jayasinghe <>
Subject Re: Extensions to Axis2/Java deployment engine
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2008 10:52:53 GMT

> Hi All,
> Writing an OSGi based AxisConfigurtor sounds reasonable.  But this is 
> not  the only  change that would require.  AxisService builder has to 
> change too. 
> The association between modules and services are handle their. These 
> builders are reside in kernel. This means, kernel has to change to 
> support this integration. In essence to support OSGi integration some 
> part of the kernel has to be changed indirectly.
Let's see whether we can do without doing that change. As I mentioned in 
one my my previous mail also I will do my best to find a way around to 
have OSGi support without doing core changes.
> On the other hand the created ConfigurationContext needed to be an 
> OSGi service.
-1 , then Axis2 become full OSGi. Then if a person do not want OSGi then 
he will be enforced to use OSGi which is not correct IMO. Please do not 
do that.

As I know there are many more people who use Axis2 do not care about 
OSGi , while only a few people are requiring OSGi support. So it is 
community decision to take which part we are going to choose.
> In addition to this we need to use ManagedServices to integrate 
> listeners and senders. This is a separate discussion which will be 
> addressed later.
Oh , we are talking a *REALLY BIG* changes. Don't we have any other way 
to do this I mean without doing that many changes.


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