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From "David Illsley" <>
Subject Re: Extensions to Axis2/Java deployment engine
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 16:43:17 GMT
Sounds good. +1

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 5:27 PM, Saminda Abeyruwan <> wrote:
> Hi Devs,
> Dims has started the work on providing the OSGi extension to Axis2.  This
> extension is a single bundle which consist of all the jars needed to run
> axis2. It uses OSGi Bundle events to update AxisConfiguration.  Main  aspect
> of  OSGi  is version and modularity. In order to get the full power of OSGi,
> we need to consider the following,
> 1. Modules and Service loading
> 2. Using OSGi services
> I would consider the first section. Second section has a broad scope and
> lets discuss that in a separate thread.
> With the OSGi, one could be able to write aar & mar as OSGi bundles. Thus,
> when Axis2 start, one can give a repository where services & modules
> available and one could use  bundles to  mimic this behaviour. When it's
> come to bundles, they could either exist or remove from the system any-time.
> This is dynamism of OSGi and this behaviour is currently not possible with
> current module & service loading mechanism.
> Current architecture requires, modules to be available first before services
> are loaded, if modules are referenced by theses services. Thus, services
> have a direct dependency to modules. Even if the service is not faulty, if
> the referenced module is not available, that service become faulty. This
> behaviour contradicts the nature of dynamic behaviour.
> Thus, what would really need is modules to be loaded and initialize
> orthogonal of service load and initialization. If loaded service reference
> to a module that is not available yet, marked that service as "unresolved"
> until the module is available. Once the module is available it would be
> easily go thorough the "unresolved" services and marked the relevant
> services as "resolved". Everything will be handle using OSGi events, which
> is very powerful and flexible. There  could be other events that make the
> service "unresolved", but the major one is module.
> Where there are 100s of bundles available in the system, its not practical
> to assume a start level to  bundles. These bundles may mimic Axis2
> services/module or other 3rd party bundle.
> I am totally fine with current deployment mechanism, but in order to obtain
> a tighter integration we would have to revisit the current deployment
> semantics. In addition to this standardizing this on Axis2 provide unique
> user experience among the Axis2 community.
> I am really appreciate if Axis2 folks comment on prior.
> Thank you!
> Saminda

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