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From "Carsten Burghardt" <>
Subject Encoding problem
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2008 11:51:38 GMT

first of all I know that this is more a question for the user list but  
nobody could help me there - so apologies but I'll try as I don't know  
how to continue. I've a webservice (Axis 1.4) that connects to an  
Alfresco server and stores metadata from emails (like subject, sender,  
...). This works fine with ISO-* or UTF-8 encoded emails. But once I  
have an email with more "exotic" character sets like KOI8-R (russian)  
I get an error on the server side because of invalid characters (like  
0x1e). I know that no control characters are in the content so I  
watched the traffic with tcpmon and noticed that all characters were  
totally screwed up.
So I traced the Axis code and saw that the characters were encoded  
with &#<hex>; in the SoapBody. Afterwards the DOM tree is serialized  
in the DoAllSender class and then the characters are broken in the  
generated XML. When I switched the encoding of the Soap Message to  
KOI8-R instead of UTF-8 the characters showed up fine in the tcpmon  
but then the server reports an error about a different illegal  
character (0x1) which is probably because the message is converted to  
UTF-8 at a certain step.
So I guess my questions is: what is the proposed way to transmit those  
characters to a webservice (apart from Base64 encoding  them...)?

Many thanks


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