I got a question concerning the implementation of ADB and I thought I’d be on the better place in the developer list.


I cannot really understand the way ADB was implemented, I think my proposal is better and I wonder why no one else thought about it. Probably I am missing some points and I would be glad if you could correct me.


ADB is implemented with the use of AXIOM. AXIOM is a xml framework which only reads the content if it is needed, which I think is really good for performance. When I now trace the way of a service generated with ADB databinding, I see that Axis2 is first generating OMElements which are then converted to the ADBBeans. Later, on the way back it will be the other way round, from ADBBeans to OMElements.


What are the particular reasons that you didn’t just extend an OMElement to become an ADBBean. You could just create some setters and getters for the properties to set and could stick with the internal OM-implementation. That way the step of (de)-serializing would fall away.


What am I missing out here?


Thank you for any clarification!