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From Michael <>
Subject Passing And Returning Objects With Avis2
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2009 21:41:46 GMT
My apologies for duplicating this in the development mailing list since I have already posted
it to the user mailing list as well.  I am working on a project with an approaching deadline
and I need an answer to the problem I stated below.  I was hoping that some one in on the
developer mailing list might be able to offer some help.  Here's my problem.

For the web services application I am developing I have designed my web services methods to
accept objects and return objects.  To avoid any problems and follow "best practices" for
web development I have designed these objects with only "primitives" as attributes for objects
that are passed and returned.

The stub code generated by Axis2 appears to provide everything needed to get and set the attributed
for these objects.  I have tried several of my web service methods from a test client using
the Axis2 generated client stub.  I am able to set the attributes of all passed objects and
retrieve the attributes of all returned objects, but in both cases the attributes have no

I have debugged the code on both the server and client side to make sure the values were being
set correctly going both ways, and they are.  It is as if when the objects are serialized
and deserialized from client to server or server to client the attribute values of the passed
and returned objects are being lost.

Can anyone explain?


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