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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject Re: Releasing transports 1.0 - dependency resolutions
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 21:34:48 GMT
I see two things that need to be done to solve the testkit->base
dependency issue:

* Move the message builders and formatters that are located in base to
axis2-kernel. That was already discussed back in December, but at that
time we decided to do a complete review of the whole builder/formatter
stuff after the 1.5 release (which we thought was imminent at that

* Promote some of the extension interfaces (for transports; e.g.
management) defined by base to axis2-kernel. This should be considered
in a larger context of reviewing the whole transport API (i.e. improve
the documentation so that it becomes a specification).

I think technically it's not difficult to achieve, but we have to
postpone this if we want to get 1.5 out.


On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 23:15, Glen Daniels <> wrote:
> Hi folks:
> First, many thanks to Jarek for getting the transport move going - I got
> sucked into other stuff today and probably won't be able to dive back in for
> real until Sunday.  Just talked to Jarek on IRC and he's hoping to finish the
> move tonight or tomorrow.
> That said.... I'm not very happy about the idea of leaving important tests in
> the WS-Commons area if the code they're testing is actually in Axis2.  This
> smells of bad refactoring and future confusion.
> I want to get Axis2 1.5 out ASAP, and am willing to do whatever gets us there
> quickest, but after that I'd like to have another discussion about how to
> correctly host and factor the transports code.  This should dovetail nicely
> with another round of the "Splitting WS" conversation, which I'd like to have
> at the same time.
> Thanks,
> --Glen
> Andreas Veithen wrote:
>> Note that the tests applied to the (default Axis2) HTTP transport
>> initially were not meant to test the transport but to validate the
>> generic HTTP tests in the testkit. The purpose was to apply these
>> generic tests to the NIO HTTP transport. This allows to compare the
>> behavior of both transports. From that perspective we may leave the
>> tests in the transports project ... as tests for the testkit :-)
>> Andreas
>> On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 17:08, Jarek Gawor <> wrote:
>>> On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 5:50 PM, Glen Daniels <> wrote:
>>>> Jarek Gawor wrote:
>>>>>> Also, I'd really like to get 1.5 out the door ASAP, it's lingered
way too
>>>>>> long already.  So whatever solution gets us there soonest with consensus
>>>>>> the one I'll be happy with.
>>>>> Yes, I agree. Sounds like we already agree on a solution (moving http
>>>>> and local back to Axis2).
>>>> OK, I'm on this tomorrow.  If anyone has issues with it, please pipe up!
>>> I already moved some of the utility classes and methods back to Axis2
>>> and eliminated a direct dependency on transport base from http and
>>> local. But once I was actually looking into moving the http module to
>>> Axis2 I realized the the http transport tests have dependency on the
>>> testki module which has dependencies on the transport base module....
>>> So we can easily move the transport http code itself but not the
>>> tests... anybody have ideas how to deal with this now?
>>> Jarek

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