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From hideki tihiri <>
Subject How to set-up loadbalancing for Axis2/Java soapsession bases ws ? Help needed
Date Sat, 23 May 2009 18:39:36 GMT

we have Axis2 1.4.1 running on Tomcat 6.x .

We have services with 'soapsession' scope.

We have added Apache webserver in front as loadbalancer but when we call 2
operations of a webservice with soapsession the LB sends the first call to
tomcat1 server and the second to tomcat2 server (of course both calls should
be routed to tomcat1 as the operations are called for the same session - as
they have the same servicegroupID).

WE noticed that both calls have another JSESSIONid (so it is normal that the
LB sends it to difference servers as it uses a round robin scheme).

How can we solve this problem ?

Does anyone has the same experience ?

Are there any other options than using Apache ?

I spend the whole day looking for information (on Axis2 site and on google)
but could not find any information of it?

Thx a lot for your feedback already


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