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From hideki tihiri <>
Subject java.lang.NullPointerException at at org.apache.axis2.clustering.tribes.TribesClusterManager.initializeSystem(
Date Thu, 28 May 2009 07:38:13 GMT

we have added clustering to Axis2.

All tests were successfull yesterday (tested on 1 machine with 2 Tomcat
instances - Windows 2003 server - Tomcat 6.0.x ).

When restarting the Tomcats this morning we got following error:

SEVERE: Servlet /betrust_server threw load() exception

THe problem keeps coming back, even after removing the work/cataline
directory (to 'clean-up' the Tomcat instances).

Has any had this problem and more important, any one could solve the problem

Note: On my laptop I experienced the same problem. The first time clustering
is used is works, but after restarting (?) Tomcat this error shows up.

!!!! ==> Even after complete removal of the context, clearing
the Tomcat work directory and redeployment of the context the problem keeps
coming back !!!!!

We are completely blocked now.

We added clustering in the axis2.xml as follows:

 <cluster class="org.apache.axis2.clustering.tribes.TribesClusterManager">
                <exclude name="local_*"/>
                <exclude name="LOCAL_*"/>
            <context class="org.apache.axis2.context.ConfigurationContext">
                <exclude name="*"/>
                <exclude name="SequencePropertyBeanMap"/>
                <exclude name="NextMsgBeanMap"/>
                <exclude name="RetransmitterBeanMap"/>
                <exclude name="StorageMapBeanMap"/>
                <exclude name="CreateSequenceBeanMap"/>
                <exclude name="ConfigContextTimeoutInterval"/>
                <exclude name="ContainerManaged"/>
            <context class="org.apache.axis2.context.ServiceGroupContext">
                <exclude name="*"/>
                <exclude name="my.sandesha.*"/>
            <context class="org.apache.axis2.context.ServiceContext">
                <exclude name="my.sandesha.*"/>


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