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From Pétur Runólfsson <>
Subject [Axis2] Make ConverterUtil.getAnyTypeObject move stream to end tag when it encounters xsi:nil (AXIS2-4273)
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2009 10:28:12 GMT

This patch adds a single call to to ConverterUtil.getAnyTypeObject.
This has the effect that getAnyTypeObject now leaves the stream at the end tag of the xs:anyType
element when the xsi:nil attribute is set. When xsi:nil is not set, getAnyTypeObject already
leaves the stream at the end tag, so this patch makes getAnyTypeObject consistent with regard
to the state of the stream after getAnyTypeObject is called.

The stubs generated by wsdl2java assume that getAnyTypeObject always leaves the stream at
the end tag. This mismatch between the assumptions in the stubs and the actual behavior of
getAnyTypeObject was the cause of issue AXIS2-4273.

I had attached an earlier version of this patch to the issue, but since there has been no
response and the patch didn't apply cleanly any more, I have regenerated the patch and am
sending it again.


Pétur Runólfsson

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