Iím a java developer,† Iím developing a Web service using Axis2.
Iím using the ďService ArchiverĒ tool to build the .aar storage files for my project.
I have a problem with the wsdl port auto generated† by Axis2.
My web application runs under TomcatApache on a local LAN machine. I have to configure the local address to point to the public address.
I have changed the axis2.xml file using the following parameters:
<parameter name="hostname" locked="true"> www.myHost.com </parameter>†
†††† <parameter name="httpFrontendHostUrl"> http://www.myHost.com/WebServiceWS </parameter>
On my pc It auto generates the following parameters:
<wsdl:service name="MyServiceName">
††† <wsdl:port name="MyServiceNameHttpSoap11Endpoint" binding="ns:MyServiceNameSoap11Binding">
††††††† <soap:address location="http://www.myHost.com:9080/WebServiceWS/services/MyService.MyServiceNameHttpSoap11Endpoint/"/>
††† </wsdl:port>
>From the auto generated Wsdl port by Axis2, I can see in the† address location port which usually refers to the ApacheTomcat address . How can I eliminate this port? (from my code I would like to be able to disable/eliminate the port i.e 9080 or configure it myself)† Is it possible to configure this port using an external file.
I thank you in advanced for any help you may be able to give me.
Dott.ssa Viviana Perropane