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From Dobri Kitipov <>
Subject Axis2 1.5.1 and the default HttpClient reuse
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 11:11:54 GMT
Hi guys,

I read in Axis2 1.5.1 RC anounce that:

"We now share an instance of HTTPClient across each ConfigurationContext
each Axis2 server or ServiceClient) - connection reuse is now automatic.
means the REUSE_HTTP_CLIENT flag is no longer necessary or useful, nor is
creating your own MultithreadedHttpConnectionManager."

Since I have done some research and patches in HttpClient reuse area (ref. I want to ask for some
more information - like JIRAs involved or mail threads explaining this

I glimpsed at part of the changes in the code related to this and some
questions popped up in my mind:

1) Did we test this for the asynchronous invocation use case? IMHO it is not
that easy to reuse one HttpClient instance in this case. I am pretty sure
there are some JIRAs that discuss this topic.

2) As explained in we can
have some unwanted behaviour if we cannot associate an explicite HttpState
when we invoke:

httpClient.executeMethod(config, method);

Since this commit is not part of the RC we need to document this.

3) Anyway, depending on 1) we may need to have a property that could be
configured so a separate HttpClient instance is created and used per call -
if needed?

What do you think?
I will appreciate any comments and guide lines.

Thank you,

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