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From Philipp Zech <>
Subject Axis2: Calling WSDL2Java from Java class inside eclipse plugin
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2009 11:09:28 GMT

I'm currently working on an eclipse plugin allowing me to right-click a
WSDL file in a project and following, to generate the WS stubs by
selecting a menu item which triggers the code generation (actually, the
same as wsdl2java on the command line).
I'm facing no errors are any similar stuff, but every time I want to
generate some code, only the needed build.xml file is generated, no
errors or exceptions are thrown.
For the ease of understanding I will post party of the source:

                   Map<String, CommandLineOption> optionsMap =

                   AxisService service = WSAdapterGeneratorUtil
                   CodeGenConfiguration codegenConfig = new

                   WSDLReader reader = WSDLFactory.newInstance()



                    new CodeGenerationEngine(codegenConfig).generate();

The above excerpt shows from my point of view the proper way of doing so
(generating code). Below is the source of the
initializeGeneratorProperties(); method, maybe I'm forgetting about some
options in the optionsMap:

       Map<String, CommandLineOption> optionsMap = new HashMap<String,
       optionsMap.put("uri", new CommandLineOption("uri",
               new String[] { WSDLFile }));
       optionsMap.put("p", new CommandLineOption("p",
               new String[] { "at.sample.path" }));
               .put("l", new CommandLineOption("l", new String[] {
"java" }));
               .put("o", new CommandLineOption("o", new String[] {
genDir }));
       optionsMap.put("d", new CommandLineOption("d",
               new String[] { "xmlbeans" }));
       optionsMap.put("pn", new CommandLineOption("pn",
               new String[] { "Soap" }));

Well, as this code is error free (in case of exceptions and errors, I
hope to get some useful help quite soon, as for me, I can't figure out
the small bug or misconfiguration or what else leads to this strange
behaviour, that I won't get any classes to be generated.
Thanks a lot in advance,


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