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From Amila Suriarachchi <>
Subject Re: Request for a Project
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 05:00:44 GMT
On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 11:10 AM, ishara karunarathna <
> wrote:

> Dear sir,
> I'm a undergraduate student from University of Maoratywa, Sri Lanka. I'm
> studying my 3rd academic year (it is a 4year degree program on computer
> Science and Engineering ). in this academic year i have to join to an open
> source project and contribute to it for 12 weeks. I can choose any open
> source project based on my interest. My instructors will evaluate my work
> at
> the end.

> I like to join Axis2 project but I need some help to know how can I join to
> Axis 2 and what can I do.
> I'm  experienced in java language. So please  send me some help me with
> some
> starting points to start with.

As Andreas has told it depends on your interest. Here is a idea I had in my

With Axis2 1.5 Axis2 supports only jdk 1.5 or later where we have generics.
ADB code generation
which is written to support even jdk 1.4 uses arrays.
Therefore now we can replace array with lists with generics. However there
are a lot of code written using arrays and we don't won't to change the
existing ADBBeanTemplate-bean.xsl. So what you can do is to introduce a new
parameter to enable this feature.
When implementing you can create a new template using a copy of existing
ADBBeanTemplate-bean.xsl and include that template to ADBBeanTemplate.xsl if
user has specified the new parameter. Most importantly you need to write a
whole set of new tests cases which is there for older version.

This altimately improve some ADB performance as well since when parsing
request messaes we do some list to array conversions.


>       Thank you.

Amila Suriarachchi
WSO2 Inc.

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