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From Jeff Barrett <>
Subject [Axis2] Excluded *Util* tests in kernel module
Date Thu, 24 Sep 2009 17:03:18 GMT
Hi All,

In the process of adding a new test, I discovered that all tests with the 
name *Util*.java were being excluded in the kernel pom.xml.  It turns out 
there were two tests that were being excluded, one of which passed and one 
of which failed.

I've added explicit excludes for these two tests [1] and removed the 
generic exclude for tests that happen to have *Util* in the name.

Two questions:
1) Does anyone know why the passing test URLTemplatingUtilTest was 
excluded?  Perhaps it was inadvertently excluded due to the generic 
exclude statement.  If that's the case, I'm happy to un-exclude it.
2) Does anyone know if the failing test UtilsParseRequestTest is worth 
getting working again or is it obsolete?

I would like to suggest in the future we try not to exclude tests based on 
generic names like that, and if we want to exclude tests we do so 
explicitly for each testcase with an comment explaining why.

[1] kernel/pom.xml explicit exclude statements:
<!-- Was excluded by **/*Util*.java and currently fails -->
<!-- Was excluded by **/*Util*.java -->


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