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From Akitoshi Yoshida <>
Subject problem in generating a oneway web service from a java class in Axis 1.4
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 13:12:49 GMT
When you deploy a service that has a void return type in Axis 1.4, I
noticed that its WSDL generator does not generate a oneway MEP WSDL
(i.e., having only the input element) but a normal request-response
MEP WSDL (i.e., having both the input and output elements). And when
the call is invoked, the service returns HTTP 200 with an empty SOAP
message instead of an HTTP 202 with no content.

I found a related issue AXIS-2538 in JIRA,  which talks about the
oneway issue for creating a java stub class from a oneway WSDL., but
didn't find the ticket for the other direction.

I modified the generator so that you get the correct oneway MEP WSDL
at the WSDL URL (http://...&wsdl) and you get the correct HTTP 202
response when the call is successful.

other Axis 1.4 users might be interested in this oneway handling.

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