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From Dan Jonsen <>
Subject import header migration from Apache SOAP to Axis2
Date Sat, 06 Mar 2010 00:19:03 GMT
I am new to web services in general, and to Java development (though I have done a lot of C,
C++, and C# development).  I am working through the book, "Web Services Essentials" by Ethan
Cerami, (c) 2002 O'Reilly.  I am trying to compile one of the examples in the text, but since
the book is so old, all of the packages it refers to are long since obsolete.  I have installed
JDK 6u18, Tomcat 6.0-24, Axis2 1.5.1, Xerces 2.9.1, Javamail 1.4.3, and Java Activation Framework
1.1.1 on my (Vista Ultimate x64) system.  When I attempt to compile the code, it complains
about unresolved external references b/c the package names are obsolete.  The offending import
statements from the code are listed below.  I have resolved the first 3, but am still unable
to do so for the last 3.

import org.apache.soap.SOAPException;   // OK --> javax.xml.soap.SOAPException
import org.apache.soap.Fault;           // OK --> javax.xml.soap.SOAPFault
import org.apache.soap.Constants;       // OK --> javax.xml.soap.SOAPConstants
import org.apache.soap.rpc.Call;        // still unresolved
import org.apache.soap.rpc.Parameter;   // still unresolved
import org.apache.soap.rpc.Response;    // still unresolved

Does anyone know what the last 3 package names should be changed to in order to reference
equivalent classes in the Axis2 distribution?  

Also, does anyone know which JARs in the Axis2 distribution need to be on the classpath in
order to compile this example?  Right now I have classpath set to include every JAR in the
"lib" directory of the Axis2 distribution (62 JARs), which I'd really like to cut down on
if I can.

Thank you very much for any help you can provide

Dan Jonsen

Consultant, Security Software Solutions

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