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From Nikhil V Thaker <>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT] Committer / PMC policy for Axis, and old WS committers
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 15:31:03 GMT
Thanks Glen.  I appreciate the heads up.


Nikhil Thaker
office: 919 254 9964

Glen Daniels <> 
03/01/2010 09:50 AM
Please respond to


[IMPORTANT] Committer / PMC policy for Axis, and old WS committers

Hi all:

So, we just passed a VOTE on the PMC list to use the following policies 
the Axis project.

1. All Axis committers will also be PMC members.  The reasoning here is 
if we trust you enough to change the code, you should get a binding vote 
important decisions.

2. All VOTEs for committership will take place on the private PMC list. 
is analogous to the way members are elected.  The idea is to avoid any bad
feelings if a given vote doesn't succeed for whatever reason.

3. If a VOTE for a new committer/PMC member passes, we'll invite that 
privately, and once they accept we'll announce to the appropriate dev list
and general@.

Now... there have been a few people that were WS committers that 
didn't notice the PMC switchover happening, so we also decided the 
 If you were a committer on the Web Services project and you missed the
chance to move over as an Axis committer, you now have a chance to rectify
this.  Please send a note to and let us know 
THE NEXT TWO DAYS.  On Wednesday, we'll kick off a batch VOTE for all the
stragglers at once, and we should be able to get your commit perms back by
the weekend.

(Nikil, this doesn't apply to you as you're already all set for
committership, although we will have to VOTE you into the PMC since this
policy wasn't yet agreed when we did your VOTE last week)


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