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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject Preparation of the Axis2 1.5.3 release
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 12:43:41 GMT

Considering that

* progress on the 1.6 release has stalled because of a disagreement
[1] on the right strategy and the fact that nobody volunteers to make
progress using the strategy supported by the majority of the people
who expressed their opinion;
* there are still open issues with the HTTP connection management that
need to be solved before the 1.6 release;
* there will be an Axiom release (1.2.10; vote in progress) that
contains some performance improvements and fixes relevant for Rampart;
* there has been progress on the Axis2 Maven site (simplified
structure and build process, broken links fixed, updates reflecting
the migration to the new TLP) on the trunk;
* since we cut the 1.5 branch, the only non cosmetic change (i.e.
change related to a change in the Axis2 code) to the Maven site is
related to AXIS2-4465, which has been merged to the branch in the
* the current 1.5 branch contains fixes for more than 10 JIRAs [2];
* the 1.5 branch is in good shape and ready for release (except that
for the moment the Maven site can't be built from that branch);
* we urgently need to republish the Maven site;

I propose to prepare a 1.5.3 release from the current 1.5 branch, with
the following additional changes:

* The Axiom version on the 1.5 branch is updated to 1.2.10.
* The changes to the Maven site on the trunk are merged to the 1.5
branch and the site will be republished from that branch during the
1.5.3 release.




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